Upcoming Webinars. 

TOPICDate and TimeSpeaker(s)
Being active in Stockport, coming out of lockdown, accessing community provisionThursday 6th August, 2pm to 3pmGemma Pearson, Seashell Trust
Russ Boaler, Stockport MBC
Debby Elly, Parent
Nick Lowden
Development Manager Workforce
GreaterSport – Greater Manchester Sports Partnership
The Entitlement Framework and how it can help families understand what can be expected of schools.9th September 2020, 7.15pm to 8.30pmJacqui Terry, Advisory SEN teacher
The Role of the SENCO and how we might work together to improve outcomes16th September 2020,
7.15pm to 8.30pm
Jacqui Terry, Advisory SEN teacher
The SEN Support Plan; what it should look like and how we should be involved23rd September 2020,
7.15pm to 8.30pm
Jacqui Terry, Advisory SEN teacher

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The views and opinions expressed during the webinars are those of the presenter. As such, any content or views provided by our presenter are their opinion and do not imply opinion on the part of their employers.

See below for details of and links to webinars we’ve already run.  If you have a question for the presenters and cannot see their contact details via these links, you can email paul.harper@pactstockport.co.uk , who will pass on your message.

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"What lies beneath:" drivers and solutions to your child's behaviour.

SEND Inclusion Services webinar for parents and carers.

Emotional Well-being webinar for parent carers.

Stockport SEND Local Offer Webinar.

Kooth - Webinar on mental health well-being for young people.

On 27th May Sophie Carr presented a webinar on Kooth.  Kooth is a web-based service for young people aged 11-18 and offers a range of resources, including:

  • A live chat function that allows young people to contact a qualified counsellor
  • Chat forums with other young people
  • Crisis information
  • Self-help resource

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Working Together to Support Transitions Webinar.

Plans are being finalised across Stockport for children and young people to return to pre-school, school and college in the near future. For many children and young people with SEND who are due to start at a new setting or school in September, there may be many anxieties about how this will happen this year. The webinar will share the recent guidance that has been developed by a working group within the LA to support smooth transitions within the COVID 19 situation. It will also explore how parents/carers can support and work with settings and schools to support their child/children in preparing for transition to a new educational setting. The webinar will be recorded and posted on the PACTS website.

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Webinar on Home Schooling

This webinar on Home Schooling, is aimed to support you during these difficult times, to come together to share ideas about trying to take some of the stress out of home schooling.

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Webinar on Children’s Therapy Services

This webinar will explain what parents can expect from their therapists and how to access support and also to gain feedback / ideas from parents/carers about anything the Therapy Service could be doing differently to ensure families’ needs are prioritised at this time.

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