Local Support

Local Organisations and Support Groups 

ABC Family Group – Contact telephone number, Tracy – 0161 431 9867 or email: enquiries@abcfamilygroup.com ABC+ is a youth group specifically for special needs teenagers from aged 11 upwards. A fun teenage atmosphere is created by providing games consoles (PS/3, Wii), football table, snooker and group activities run by experienced parents and volunteers http://www.abcfamilygroup.com/ 

Aiming High Short Breaks – Contact email address: aiming.high.team@stockport.gov.uk The Aiming High Short Breaks Team is a service within Stockport Family which provides a range of activities for children and young people with disabilities and additional needs, from aged 5 up to their 18th birthday. Our programme of provisions includes a number of fully supported activities including group based, day trips and playschemes https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/site.page?id=gQAAGxiy3Cg 

AutiSK – Contact telephone number 07376 341092 or email enquiry@autisk.co.uk AutiSK is a constituted community support group that has been created to provide families in Stockport and surrounding areas who have children and young people with autism, anxiety and other disabilities/learning difficulties with information and activities that they can access for their families http://www.autisk.co.uk/

Autism Links – Contact details https://www.autismlinks.co.uk/contact: Living with autism isn’t easy, but finding out all about it should be. Some estimate that 1 in 100 people have autism. Others say it’s more like 1 in 88. Whatever the real figures, the good news is that there’s lots of support and advice out there to help you make sense of the world of autism. Charities, support groups, and specialist service providers, are all ready to share advice and experience whenever you need it. Autismlinks.co.uk is dedicated to making those helpful and sometimes vital links, it covers who to talk to, where to go and contains lots of helpful advice all in one place https://www.autismlinks.co.uk/

Autistic Society Greater Manchester area – Contact telephone number 0161 866 8483 or email admin@asgma.org.uk:We provide support for parents & carers through our Autism Information and Family Support Project and direct support for people with autistic spectrum conditions, including Asperger Syndrome/Higher Functioning Autism through our Aspirations Project and Autism Lifeskills Project http://asgma.org.uk/ 

Beacon Counselling – Contact telephone number Stockport centre: 0161 440 0055: Beacon Counselling exists to improve the lives of adults, young people, and children who experience mental and emotional distress. We do this by providing counselling and related services, and tackle a wide range of problems from depression, anxiety, and stress through to relationships, bereavement and family breakdown https://www.beacon-counselling.org.uk/

Carers of Adults with Learning Disabilities (CALD) – Contact telephone number: Marilyn Macaulay (CALD Chair) on 0161 494 1253, Mary Edwards (Stockport Advocacy) 0161 480 8979 or email info@cald.co.uk. We are a group of parents, siblings and carers of adults with learning disabilities. We provide an opportunity to have a coffee and chat, exchange information and listen to relevant speakers. We have representation on the Valuing People Partnership Board (VPPB) http://www.cald.co.uk/

Cheadle and Marple College – Contact telephone number – Cheadle College, general enquiries: 0161 486 4600, admissions: 0161 486 4602 or email info@cmcnet.ac.uk Marple College, general enquiries: 0161 484 6600, admissions: 0161 484 4602 or email info@cmcnet.ac.ukThe Cheadle & Marple College Network is a new type of education and training provider for the Stockport area specialising in 16-19 provision http://www.camsfc.ac.uk/ 

Citizens Advice Stockport – Contact telephone number 0300 330 9073: The Citizens Advice service across Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, and Trafford offers free, impartial, confidential advice to nearly 35,000 people every year – helping them find a way forward. We are part of the Citizens Advice network, a collection of independent charities operating throughout the United Kingdom. We are here to help, whoever you are, whatever your problem  https://casort.org/

Disability Stockport – Contact telephone number 0161 480 7248 or email email@disabilitystockport.org.uk: Disability Stockport is a voluntary organisation which assists and supports people with physical disabilities and/or sensory loss or impairments. http://disabilitystockport.co.uk/

Epilepsy Action – Contact telephone number 0808 800 5050 or email epilepsy@epilepsy.org.uk: Epilepsy Action is the UK’s leading epilepsy organisation and exists to improve the lives of everyone affected by the condition. As a member-led association, they are led by and represent people with epilepsy, their friends, families and healthcare professionals https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/

FASD Greater Manchester – email fasdgreatermanchester@yahoo.com: FASD Greater Manchester are a group of families of who are affected by FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). We run Coffee mornings and workshops in Stockport and central Manchester to support families affected by FASD https://www.facebook.com/FasdGreaterManchester/

Healthy Stockport – Contact telephone number 0161 474 3141 or email START@stockport.gov.uk: We can offer you free, confidential and local support if you live, work or are registered with a GP in Stockport. Our aim is to encourage healthy living by providing you with the information and support that is best suited to your needs https://www.healthystockport.co.uk/

Healthwatch Stockport – Contact telephone number 0161 974 0753 or email info@healthwatchstockport.co.uk: Healthwatch Stockport will help you and your family get the best out of your local health & social care services to create a better system for all of us. Whether it’s improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow, the best health & social care services are based on respect, compassion, excellence, and driven by you https://www.healthwatchstockport.co.uk/

Healthy Young Minds Stockport – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Contact telephone number 0161 716 5868, Fax 0161 419 2081: Pennine Care’s Healthy Young Minds services (previously known as CAMHS) are committed to providing a comprehensive and targeted intervention service, delivered in the heart of our communities, which positively aims to promote the emotional and psychological wellbeing of our children and young people. The CAMHS directorate, including Healthy Young Minds community services and our Hope and Horizon inpatient units, is committed to developing our connections with other local services such as social care, paediatrics, education, health and the voluntary sector  http://www.healthyyoungmindspennine.nhs.uk/ 

Independent Options – Contact telephone number 0161 456 6502, Fax 0161 456 2922 or email info@independentoptions.org.uk: Independent Options offer a range of highly personalised support services for children and adults who have a wide range of disabilities. They work with people who have learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries and mental health needs http://www.independentoptions.org.uk/  

Information Advice and Support Service – Contact telephone number 0161 240 6168 or email stockport@kids.org.uk: Stockport SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service) offers free support to parents and carers of Stockport children and young people with any special educational needs and disabilities, from 0-25 years of age https://www.kids.org.uk/stockport-sendiass 

Insurancewith, doing more than just insurance – contact telephone number 020 3829 3875: Often, just the thing you need after diagnosis, treatment or at the end of a busy year is a holiday! At Insurancewith, we believe that everyone with a medical condition should be entitled to not only a fair and affordable travel insurance premium but also a thorough understanding of their medical situation. It’s this understanding which allows us to accurately assess your medical situation, provide you with a fair premium, and offer you better support in an emergency situation abroad https://www.insurancewith.com/medical-conditions/

Mental Health Carers Group Stockport – Contact telephone number: 07977 606543, email address ireneharris76@gmail.com. We challenge attitudes to mental illness and aim to make a difference both locally and nationally to mental health services. We are pro-active and hold conferences, workshops and meetings and invite speakers who share their knowledge & experience about treatments, policies and cutting edge research .5

Mode Recovery and Rehabilitation – Contact telephone number 0161 494 1515 or email hello@mode.me.uk: Free and confidential psychological services for people living in Stockport http://www.mode.me.uk/

My Care, My Choice – Contact telephone number 0161 217 6029, Minicom 0161 217 6024 or email adultsocialcare@stockport.gov.uk: My Care My Choice has information about local services, groups, and activities, as well as advice about looking after your wellbeing and independence. If you or someone you know needs some help with managing day to day life, My Care My Choice can help you find out about what kinds of support are available https://www.mycaremychoice.org.uk/home  

Occupational Therapy – Contact telephone number 0161 204 4153/4154 or email cypdisp@nhs.net: Occupational Therapists assess if a child has difficulties with the practical and social skills necessary for everyday life. They work with parents/carers and other professionals – Speech & Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Education team and Social Care amongst others in order to do this https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/service.page?id=NIn6y7zISyU&familychannel=999  

Pure Innovations – Contact telephone number 0161 804 4400 or email hello@pureinnovations.co.uk: In 2005 we left the Local Authority and set up the charity Pure Innovations, continuing our vision to support a diverse range of people to live independent, healthy and valued lives in their communities. Today, we continue with our aim of supporting people to have a fulfilled life, with a sense of purpose and belonging  http://www.pureinnovations.co.uk/ 

Relate – Contact telephone number 0300 330 5793 or email enquiries@relatecm.org.uk We’re the UK’s largest provider of relationship support, and last year we helped over two million people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities to strengthen their relationships. Find out more about what we do and how we can help you here https://www.relate.org.uk/find-my-nearest-relate/outpost/stockport-relate

Romiley & Stockport Dyslexia Service – Contact telephone number 07828 139769 or email juliemeadwell@outlook.com: Welcome! My name is Julie and I manage Romiley & Stockport Dyslexia Service. Assessing and tuition usually takes place at my home in Stockport. The environment is very informal and relaxed. It is conveniently located for travel from all surrounding areas, including Stockport, Manchester, Tameside, Trafford, East Cheshire and North-West Derbyshire. However, please do ask if you would prefer to meet in your home so that this can be arranged http://www.romileydyslexia.com/ 

Safeguarding Children in Stockport – Contact telephone number 0161 217 6028, Out of Hours telephone number 0161 718 2118: Following changes created by the Children and Social Work Act (2017), Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB) ceased to exist and new Safeguarding Arrangements were required in local areas to oversee the effectiveness of multi-agency safeguarding activity.  Within Stockport the Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) was launched in June 2019 to replace the LSCB http://www.safeguardingchildreninstockport.org.uk/

Seashell Trust – Contact telephone number 0161 610 0100, fax number 0161 610 0101 or emailinfo@seashelltrust.org.uk: Our charity is dedicated to providing a creative, happy and secure environment for children and young people with complex and severe learning disabilities which include little or no language abilities. With the expertise of our specialist teachers, care staff, onsite therapy team, assistive technologists, swimming teachers and sports coaches, our students learn how to express themselves, engage with the world around them, become more independent and live safe, creative and fulfilling lives http://www.seashelltrust.org.uk/ 

Secondary Jigsaw – Contact telephone number 0161 428 9305 or email jigsaw@pendlebury.stockport.sch.uk: The Jigsaw Team is a multi-agency mental health team which works as a part of the Stockport CAMHS Service. The work is based in Stockport secondary mainstream schools. It is jointly funded by Stockport LEA and CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) Development strategy http://www.pendleburycentre.org.uk/about-jigsaw/

Signpost Stockport for Carers – Contact telephone number 0161 442 0442 or email carersconnect@signpostforcarers.org.uk: Signpost Stockport for Carers is an independent local charity which provides free, confidential information and support to unwaged carers in Stockport. A carer is anyone who provides help and support to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage otherwise because of frailty, illness, addiction or disability http://www.signpostforcarers.org.uk/ 

Signpost Stockport for Young Carers – Contact telephone number 0161 947 4690, text Katy on 07540 722371 or email david@signpostforcarers.org.uk: Signpost Young Carers Service works with young people aged 6 – 25 years and who live in the Stockport area. Under new legislation young carers now have the right to an assessment of their needs. As part of our support we will talk to you about your caring role and what support may help you and your family https://www.signpostforcarers.org.uk/young-carers  

South Manchester Downs Syndrome Support Group – Contact telephone number 07593 542107 or emailcontact@dsmanchester.org.uk: The South Manchester Down’s Syndrome Support Group is parent-led. They aim to support families and carers and all those with an interest in Down’s Syndrome in south Manchester and the surrounding area. They are affiliated to the National Down’s Syndrome Association http://www.dsmanchester.org.uk/ 

S.P.A.C.E. Stockport – Email: info@spacestockport.org: SPACE Stockport is a support group for parents and carers of children and young people in the Stockport area with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and associated conditions. The SPACE committee members are all local parents, who have children with ADHD. We hold regular meet ups, which are an opportunity to talk to other parents who face the same challenges, in a relaxed and informal way  https://spacestockport.org/

Special Educational Needs – Contact telephone number 0161 474 2525 or email specialeducation@stockport.gov.uk: The Special Educational Needs (SEN) service, works with children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs that makes it harder for them to learn, than most children of the same age. These children need extra help and support in education to enable them to maximize their learning potential https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/service.page?id=Y4O89ashsdI&familychannel=999 Speech and Language Therapy Service – Contact telephone number 0161 204 4153/4154 or email cypdisp@nhs.net:  The Speech and Language Therapy service provides assessment, diagnosis, advice and treatment for children with a range of speech, language and communication and swallowing difficulties. Treatment may be offered on an individual or group basis or through programmes of advice https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/service.page?id=nwGwUZJj_1U&familychannel=999

Stockport Action Youth Speakers (SAYS) – Contact telephone number 07585 822818 or email info@StockportSAYS.co.ukStockport Action Youth Speakers (SAYS) is a group of  like-minded children and young people between 11-25 years who have special educational needs and disabilities. We live or receive services in Stockport and want to ensure that services and provision meet the needs of children and young people http://stockportsays.co.uk/index.html

Stockport Advocacy – Contact telephone number 0161 480 8979 or email info@stockportadvocacy.co.uk: We are a Community Benefit Society that provides information and advocacy services across Stockport Metropolitan Borough. We offer direct and local support via professionals and volunteers. Advocacy means enabling your voice to be heard, speaking for you when you can’t and supporting you when you can. Advocacy is about supporting, enabling, empowering you to express your views and concerns, and access information and services where needed http://www.stockportadvocacy.org.uk/ 

Stockport and District Mind – Contact telephone number 0161 480 7393: Stockport Mind is an independent adult mental health charity that offers friendly, accessible support and information to promote well-being in the community. Stockport Mind was set up by a group of volunteers in 1971 and is affiliated to National Mind, one of the leading mental health charities in England and Wales http://www.stockportmind.org.uk/ 

Stockport Age UK – Contact telephone number 0161 480 1211 or email info@ageukstockport.org.uk:  Age UK Stockport is an independent local charity. We’ve been working in the local community to help older people for over thirty years. Our public office is based in Merseyway Shopping Centre http://www.ageuk.org.uk/stockport/

Supportability – Contact telephone number 0161 432 1248 or email enquiries@supportability.org.uk: At Supportability, we offer support to children, young people and adults with a range of disabilities. Our expertise enables us especially to provide support for those with ‘complex’ disability that could include learning and or physical disabilities or a combination of each https://www.supportability.org.uk/

Stockport College – Contact telephone number 0161 296 5000 or email enquiries@stockport.ac.uk: If you share our passion for success, then you are in the right place, and in good company. We’re dedicated to delivering innovative, inspirational education to help school leavers, adults and apprentices achieve their career goals. From beginner to degree level, our courses take place in a vibrant, multicultural learning environment that boasts some of the best teaching and extra-curricular facilities in the country https://stockport.ac.uk/

Stockport Suicide Prevention: We care about you and want to support you while you have suicidal feelings, if you are concerned about someone else, or have been bereaved due to suicide. We want to help you find what help is available in Stockport http://www.stockportsuicideprevention.org.uk/

Stockport Targeted Prevention Alliance (TPA) – Contact telephone number 0161 474 1042, Text us: (for people with sensory loss) 07539 468560 or email info@stockporttpa.co.uk: Stockport TPA is here to provide a service to anyone that wants to make change happen in their lives. This might be something like getting some advice or being given contact details, or it might be something that requires a bit more time, like working out a plan of how you want to overcome difficult or overwhelming things in your life that you think will help you to move on. We provide early support for anyone who is vulnerable due to their health, wellbeing or situation, with the aim of preventing things from getting worse and enabling you to work towards independence, whatever that may look like for you https://stockporttpa.co.uk/

Stockport Without Abuse – Contact telephone number Helpline 0161 477 4271 or emailinfo@stockportwithoutabuse.org.uk: Stockport Without Abuse is a local charity which offers a range of services to help and support women, men and children who are affected by domestic abuse. Everyone has the right to live their life free from fear, violence and abuse. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is happening and you can feel confused and unsure about whether you are in an abusive relationship and the options available to you. You may feel frightened, humiliated and isolated http://www.stockportwithoutabuse.org.uk/

Stockport Women’s Centre – Contact telephone number 0161 355 4455 or email admin@stockportwomenscentre.co.uk: The Women’s Centre was born out of a huge social need within the local area of Stockport. In 1999 a NSPCC social worker and a qualified psychotherapist set up a group working with women where there had been sexual abuse in the family.  The project supported by the NSPCC was called the ‘AFTA club’.  As the work expanded it was acknowledged that there was a need for a local and accessible centre, which specialised in providing services for women surviving poverty, social exclusion and emotional trauma consequent to sexual and/or domestic abuse. Led by Pat Megram, the ‘AFTA club’ became Stockport Women’s Centre and in March 2001, was established as an independent charity http://www.thewomenscentre.uk.net/ 

Stroke Information – Contact telephone number 0330 055 2197 or email nick@strokeinformation.co.ukStroke Information supplies online and telephone support to anyone around the UK looking for advice and motivation from people with experience. We encourage stroke survivors and their families to contact us and share your stories and experiences. We also have supporters nationwide who we can call on if necessary http://www.strokeinformation.co.uk/ 

Support for Carers of Adults on the Autistic Spectrum (SCAAS) – Email: scaascarergroup@gmail.com:  We are a self-help group, supporting carers of adults with autism. We aim to share information and experiences in order to outline best practice in Stockport. We invite speakers and local professionals to outline their service provision for the Stockport area. We meet on the last Tuesday of each month alternating between lunchtime and evening meetings https://www.stockport.gov.uk/groups/scaas-stockport-carers-for-adults-on-the-autistic-spectrum

Together Trust – Contact telephone number 0161 283 4848 or email enquiries@togethertrust.org.uk: At Together Trust, we believe everyone deserves to thrive. Yet the road ahead for millions of people lies tangled and difficult to climb. But they’re not alone. For 150 years we’ve been championing and caring for people with disabilities, autism and complex health needs. And providing life-changing support for looked-after children and care-experienced people. Today we’re one of the North West’s leading disability charities. We help children, young people, parents and carers, delivering individual care, support and education to thousands of people each year https://www.togethertrust.org.uk/

Wellbeing Independence Network – For more information about WIN, please see the contact details on the website.This is a network of three main services which will provide very practical help to adults who would otherwise find it very difficult to organise the support they need to remain independent and well. This assistance is aimed specifically at older people, people with a wide range of disabilities or poor mobility, and their carers. Users of the service may be either overcoming a sudden event or illness or they may need some short-term help to live a normal and independent life or to stop a crisis from happening. The WIN services will also be able to plan tailored support for people whose needs are very specific http://www.winstockport.co.uk/