Coronavirus (Covid-19) and PACTS

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) issue is one that concerns all our members. PACTS continue to keep the situation under close and regular review. Stockport Council and Clinical Commissioning Group are monitoring advice from the government and urgently reviewing their planned programmes of face to face meetings. PACTS is postponing its face to face events till further notice. The health and well-being of our families in Stockport is our utmost priority.  PACTS is still available over phone on 07786 101072, by email at and social networks. We are looking into whether we can hold some group events over the internet.

PACTS members cover a huge range of additional needs, from foster families with no additional health problems to families where children and young people have significant and serious health issues.

PACTS advise all members to:

·         keep in regular touch with government guidance on Coronavirus (see

·         follow government guidance

·         consider the health needs of your family and yourselves as carers  

·         make responsible decisions about meeting together until the situation improves